Cinderella Boy - "Be who you want to be."
Words and Music by Ryan Kerr
Based on the novel by Kristina Meister
Before the Ball
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Aaaaaaaand the ones I can't be bothered to find icons for right now:
It seems so effortless for her:
A swish of her hips, a toss of her hair...
It's Delia's fault, really. If she hadn't come home early, Declan's secret would still be safe, and no one would ever have known what he does with her clothes and her makeup when no one else is around.
How did we get here? How did I not know?
How is it all such a big surprise?
My baby brother, crying on the floor,
In broken heels, mascara running from his eyes...
In all fairness, he can't wish she were less understanding; we could all hope, in his shoes, for a big sister who'd say, "No, no, no, I'm picking a new outfit for you, and then we're redoing your makeup. You have way too much eyeliner on." Except...
"One more thing! Hang on!"
"...A clutch? What's this for?"
"The party!"
Well, he has to meet Prince Charming somehow...
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